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north salem hvac contractorNo one thinks too much about their central air conditioning system until it breaks down! Here are some great ideas to keep your North Salem A/C humming right along.

Professional Maintenance Services Are a Must. Most of us haven't a clue what to look for or even how to do our own air conditioning tune-ups. For most North Salem homeowners, it's a job that's probably left to the professionals at Lindley Heating & Cooling, Inc.. You paid a lot for your air conditioner: it's worth paying a little to make sure it runs properly.

Don't take your appliance for granted. If it's making "unusual" noises, it's probably trying to "tell" you something!

Listen to Your Air Conditioner
Beware of loud whining noises that may indicate a fan belt slippage and take the time once a week to look for leaks around your condenser. Again, "listening" to the air conditioner allows you to catch problems earlier: hopefully saving you big repair bills later on and preventing your family from suffering when the A/C gives up altogether.

Keep a Tight Rein On Your Condenser Unit.
Most central air owners have a condenser located in their back or front yard along an exterior wall. In order for fresh air intake to come into your system unimpeded, it is absolutely essential to keep the area around the condenser clear. Don't store tools, unused garden furniture or toys anywhere near the condenser; and be sure to keep nearby bushes and trees safely trimmed away from the unit.

At Lindley Heating & Cooling, Inc., we believe in bringing North Salem homeowners the best possible service we can.  Because of the huge fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and the state of the art communications capabilities, the response time by our North Salem HVAC contractors is among the fastest in the industry. But it is not only technology that keeps us responsive; it is also the service-oriented state of mind.

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